Lantern Lit Tours

Tunnel Tours

Come and explore the incredible tunnels and defences of Fort Amherst in an Evening Lantern Lit Tour. See the Fort as the soldiers would have seen it and experience over 300 years of military history.

Tunnel Tours

Please check our events calendar for dates. Tours start at 7.00pm and take approximately one and a half hours.

“The Fort Amherst Evening Lantern Lit Tours are always a pleasure to do. I have been several times now and the staff have always been informative. Brian has always demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the Fort and its history that is both interesting and educational….We always learn something new each time. I’d definitely recommend the evening walks for those wanting an enlightening historical walk in the darkness.”
M Harvey

Tickets: £10.00.

Our Evening Lantern Lit tours will return soon! Please keep checking the website for updates.

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