Eat and Drink - Best Restaurants in Medway

Savor the mouth-watering delights in Medway's places to eat and drink. Historic Rochester offers an outstanding selection of English, Continental and Asian restaurants, plus numerous cafes, tearooms and atmospheric pubs. Outside dining is encouraged during the summer on the historic High Street's pedestrianized areas. When visiting the city's heritage attractions or after a shopping trip, do make the most of the many places to eat that offer special lunchtime menus.

Restaurants in Medway


Going out for a good meal is always a highlight. It lets you unwind from the stresses of the day and enjoy great food with amazing company. Better yet, a good restaurant will always...
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Pubs and Bars in Medway

Pubs and Bars

Many researches have shown that face-to-face meetings in the pub are vital to maintaining friendships. Pubs are known to help you provide a strong social network that improves...
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Coffees and Delis in Medway

Cafes and Delis

The coffees & delis in Medway are the perfect way for your business meeting or to hang out with a friend. European style cafes with tables that spill out onto the streets at the first glimpse of sun and a traditional English afternoon tea are never far away.
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