Medway launches new local health and wellbeing strategy

Published: Thursday, 23rd May 2024

We have launched our new Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JLHWS).

The JLHWS is the strategy of Medway’s Health and Wellbeing Board, which includes councillors, officers, the NHS and Healthwatch, and will drive the work of the board over the next five years.

The refreshed strategy is framed around four key themes: ‘Healthier, longer lives for everyone’; ‘Reduce poverty and inequality’; ‘Safe connected and sustainable places’; ‘Connected communities and cohesive services’.

It recognises and focuses on the connection between the building blocks of health, such as education, housing, employment and the environment, and aims to reduce inequalities and improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all residents. It also emphasises the importance of services and organisations working collaboratively to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

As part of the process of developing the strategy, residents and key stakeholders were engaged to ensure their views were captured.

Almost 700 people and organisations provided feedback through the 2023 Medway Better Health survey and workshops were held with 20 health and care organisations. Seven focus groups, and seven one-to-one interviews with people impacted by health inequalities or those less likely to respond to surveys, were also undertaken.

Some of the key recurring themes from the engagement process were the importance of mental health, housing and employment, opportunities for physical activity, improved access to services and social connection. 

The JLHWS specifically focuses on Medway, but it complements and will work in tandem with the wider Integrated Care Strategy for Kent and Medway, which was launched in April 2024.

Focus on the issues that matter the most to people in Medway

Cllr Teresa Murray, Deputy Leader for Medway Council and Portfolio Holder for Public Health, said: “Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to give us feedback and took part in the process of building the strategy. Improving Health and wellbeing isn’t about Medway Council setting out on its own, as we recognise that real change comes through partnership working – but it is important that we have this strategy in place to help us focus on the issues that matter the most to people in Medway. We are committed to tackling inequality in all forms, and helping to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents is of the greatest importance to us and we will carefully monitor whether the actions in the strategy are making a difference.”

Find out more and read the full Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

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