Medway Labour response to UBER Supreme Court Decision

Dan McDonald, Medway Labour & Co-operative Licensing Spokesperson:

“It has taken the supreme court to get UBER to do the bare minimum as a legally compliant employer. If they had an ounce of moral fibre they would have done that without having to be taken to court. They still continue to breach licensing laws here in Medway on a daily basis and I remain committed to working with MLTDA to either get UBER to be legally compliant or get out of Medway. It has been important to recognise the positive work from MLTDA members assisting with delivery of vital supplies during the pandemic as well as the Cabs4Jabs scheme. Medway Labour & Co-operative Councillors have pushed to have local fees frozen for our taxi drivers and have worked proactively with council officers to improve access to much needed grant support.”

Harinder Mahil, Medway Labour & Co-operative Licensing Committee member added:

“As a GMB member I am proud that my union has been at the forefront of forcing UBER to do what they should have been doing for years from an employment perspective. They are still to do the right thing from a licensing perspective here in Medway so putting it bluntly they must either shape up or ship out.”

Medway Times