Medway Labour & Co-operative Group welcomes Zoe van Dyke as new Strood North Councillor

Medway Labour & Co-op Group are pleased to welcome Zoe Van Dyke after winning the Strood North by-election.

The seat, which was previously won by the Conservatives in 2019, was secured with a more than 5% increase in the vote share.

Zoe van Dyke, a new Strood North Councillor

In her acceptance speech Zoe said:

“Firstly, I must say it is difficult to be jubilant about the election results in the wake of the events in Afghanistan earlier today with the loss of many lives following the suicide bombing outside Kabul airport. The plight of the Afghani people make events here seem far less significant. I am sure everyone will share in our thoughts and concerns for them.

Nevertheless – Thanks to all staff at Medway Council, including the counting staff tonight, and especially to Jane Ringham who, as always, dealt with issues in a professional, approachable and helpful way.

Thanks also of course to Rochester & Strood CLP and the many wonderful people who have supported the Labour campaign over the past few weeks.

It is a privilege to have been elected by the voters of Strood North, the ward in which I live.

But this election is not and has not been about the candidates, for me it has been about promoting and reinforcing Labour values, doing our best for the people that live in Medway and strengthening Labour’s voice on the Council for them. I hope to make my best contribution to those aims.”

Vince Maple, Medway Labour & Co-operative Group Leader said:

“It is fantastic that the people of Strood have placed their trust in Zoe to be their councillor. With her personal and professional experience she brings, Zoe will not only be an outstanding champion for the community she calls home but is ready to support individuals and families when the system lets them down.”

Teresa Murray, Medway Labour & Co-operative Deputy Leader added:

“I am delighted that newly elected Councillor Zoe van Dyke will be joining our Labour & Co-op Group. Zoe will make a great councillor and people of Strood North can look forward to another representative, alongside Stephen Hubbard, who cares about their community and will stand up for them.”

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