Medway awarded nearly £130,000 to help improve air quality

Published: Tuesday, 15th March 2022

We have been awarded £127,510 government funding for two projects which aim to improve air quality in Medway.

The funding, from the government’s Air Quality Grant, aims to help councils develop and implement measures to benefit schools, businesses and communities to reduce the impact of dirty air on people’s health.

We will use the funding to carry out a taxi and private hire ultra-low emission vehicle feasibility study which will include a two-week emissions testing programme at various locations across Medway to measure the impact vehicles have on air quality.

The study will also explore what infrastructure needs to be in place to support and encourage more drivers and operators to use ultra-low emission vehicles.

The study will be carried out in due course and the council will liaise with local businesses and taxi drivers during the course of the project.

We will also use the funding to launch an anti-idling campaign in Rainham which will encourage motorists to switch off their engines when they’re not moving.

Tackle air pollution and reduce emissions

Cllr Jane Chitty, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Planning, Economic Growth and Regulation, said: “I am delighted that we have received almost £130,000 in government funding to help improve air quality in Medway. We will do everything we can to tackle air pollution and reduce emissions. I look forward to watching these exciting projects progress.”

Raise awareness of how everyone can get involved

Cllr Howard Doe, Deputy Leader of Medway Council, who is leading on Medway’s Climate Change agenda, said: “These important projects support our work to tackle climate change in Medway and I am pleased that we have received government funding to further our work to improve air quality. It is vital that we continue to raise awareness of the small things everyone can do, like switching off your car engine if you’re not moving, which will make a real improvement to air quality and climate change. We will continue to work with partners, including residents and local businesses, on our journey to achieve net zero carbon across Medway by 2050.”

We are also contributing £18,600 to the projects.

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